When you play the Game of Thrones....

I'm about to watch the season 6 finale of Game of Thronesand I'm already a little heartbroken that after this, there will be no more  episodes until 2017. Like, the middle of 2017. Like a year from now.

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. One of my best friends calls it "that stupid show" (you know who you are. I forgive you for your ignorance.) A bunch of my other friends watch it kind of vaguely. That's fine. More for me. (Plus, you know, the millions of other record worldwide audience members.) 

....I'm kind of addicted. My ex-boyfriend introduced me to the show right after the first season had aired, and I've never looked back. I've (obviously) watched all 59 episodes of the show thus far. Most of them several times. I've read all 5 of the longer-than-one-would-think-possible published novels in the epic fantasy series the show is based on, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. Every week after I watch the latest episode, I read all of the comments by my fellow book readers on the Previously.tv forums.

And now I'm blogging about it. God, I'm a nerd.

This is kind of my one guilty pleasure right now. I don't own a television (though I wish I did, to watch these gorgeously-filmed episodes). I haven't yet found time to go to the cinema since 2016 began. And though I do sporadically watch a Netflix movie or episode of a different TV show here and there, absolutely nothing has stuck with me the way GoT has.

It's just so easy to get wrapped up in it. Epic battles! Tragic incestuous love stories! Shocking deaths of major characters! Faceless assassins and dead people coming back to life and DRAGONS!!!

I normally don't like scary scenes or violence (that person who hides behind the bucket of popcorn and quietly hums to herself until it's over? That's me.) I make an exception for GoT, even if I do still look away at certain points. In fact, just last week when Episode 9 - "The Battle of the Bastards" - included a gory 20-minute battle sequence, I didn't immediately understand which side ended up winning because I spent so much of it behind a pillow. Anyway.

I have managed to remain unspoiled for this last episode of 2016, though I have a few things I'd like to see happen. I'd like Daenerys Targaryen to cross the Narrow Sea and sail to Westeros, finally. I'd like Rickon Stark to come back from the dead because damn was that a cold death. I'd like Loras Tyrell to be busted out of prison, because I feel like he deserves a happy ending. 

I would also like Ser Jorah Mormont to be cured of his fatal greyscale disease and then marry me immediately because I think he's magnetically sexy. (I know he's much older than I am. I know he's fictional. But I'm just putting this out there as a suggestion for season 7.)

Anyway, I think it's time to watch. Winter, they say, is coming.