Keep your heads up!

OMG, new favorite game.

My sister Dania introduced me today to Heads Up, an app based on a game Ellen Degeneres plays on her TV show. One person holds up the app on their forehead and the other person has to act out or give verbal clues to make them guess what's on the screen.

There are different categories, like 'Blockbuster Movies,' 'Accents and Impressions,' 'Superstars,' 'Animals,' and more.

We played a lot, and it is hilarious. I'm generally pretty strong at pop culture, and there's just so much potential for doing or saying something ridiculous.

For example, when she was trying to make me guess the movie Gremlins, she gave me the clue, "Oh! Don't get them wet!"

"FEET!" I shouted instinctively. (Oops.)

Or when I was trying to make her guess the actor Johnny Knoxville, and I told her, "Last name is a town in Tennessee!" and her first instinct was, "Kentucky!"

And ooooohhh, when we tried the miming categories, things got so hilarious we could hardly sit still. Dania made incredibly fish-like movements by wriggling all over the floor, leading me to scream, "Fish! Flounder! Flippers! Mermaids! Sealife!" when in fact she was going for "Snake." I could have sat there for a million years naming things in the ocean and not once realized she wasn't actually swimming but slithering. I think we spent something like 45 seconds stuck on that, and each round is only a minute long to begin with.

Just a simple, silly game to play with friends and family, and enjoy a few ridiculous belly laughs. I felt like a little kid demanding "moremoreMORE!" at the end of each round, so I'm fairly sure it's one we'll pick up again in the future.

Just as long as there aren't any more snakes.