Scaredy cats and puppy dogs

We're going to visit my grandparents in Montreux today (at the opposite end of Lake Geneva), and we are bringing a tiny, fluffy guest!

My sister signed us up to dog-sit for Matisse, one of her friends' little puppy dogs, an adorable tiny purebred terrier.

I'm typically more of a cat person than a dog person, but...ok, he's cuuuuuuuuute. He's a little cutie adorable little fluffy pie! Who's a good doggie! You are! Yes you are! Yes you are! I've turned into a baby-talk ball of mush when there aren't even any babies around.

You know who is definitely not into dogs, though? My sister's two cats, Jipsy and Edyta. Jipsy first jumped onto the bathroom cabinets and looked Matisse over really suspiciously. Then she joined Edyta in a darkened little nook behind the bed, where they both stared out at us with glowy eyes and pitiful mewls. Awwwww.  

My day is going to involve a lot of fur, feeding, and felines. Should be fun!