History has been made

I've just woken up to the absolutely shocking news that Brexit has passed. The UK is leaving the European Union.

Like many people - most especially those from hubs like London, and those who travel outside the UK regularly - I'm kind of aghast right now. I really didn't think it would pass. Neither did most predictions. But it did. Life goes on.

Initial reports say the pound dropped 11% in 6 hours overnight. Prime Minister David Cameron may be forced to resign. Stock markets from Hong Kong to Tokyo have fallen, and European and U.S. ones will surely open much lower. "The West," as we know it, will never be the same again. Shockwaves, and shock, everywhere.

I don't know what this will ultimately mean for the UK, for those of us living there without the benefit of citizenship, who just saw our incomes drop significantly on a global basis. I'm simply kind of mind-boggled right now--is this really the world we live in? A world where we're seen as better apart than we are together? A world where a bigoted, violent, dangerous man like Donald Trump has a legitimate shot at the U.S. presidency? A world where fear wins and progress moves backwards?

Still, since it IS happening now, I hope the exit will be as smooth and as stable as possible.

So where do you find a Happy Moment on a day like today, when you're just stunned and uncertain about the future? 

For now, let's look for one in the little things. The sun shining brightly down on Geneva. The purring Abyssinian cat at your feet. Your flashy pink watch. A tasty piece of Swiss chocolate. Your next deep breath. In moments of uncertainty, best to remind ourselves that things do work out, and there are always so many things to be grateful for.

History was made today. What's next, I wonder?