Escape the rain

This week, Britain just cannot seem to decide whether it’s actually summer or not. We’ve had some lovely sunshine and long days, but we’ve also had some absolutely torrential downpours and ridiculously cool temperatures considering the time of year.

Last night, I lay in bed waiting to fall asleep and listened to the rain pounding loudly against the windows, the curtains in my bedroom rustling. I love listening to the rain when I’m comfy and warm. It’s soothing and somewhat awe-inspiring, like, what is going ON with nature out there?? It’s just something unusual and kind of cool to witness.

With that said, it’s one thing to listen to a wickedly cool rainstorm when you’re snuggled up in bed—and quite another to face the same driving rain the next morning when you’ve got to get to work. So today I bundled up in my rainproof gear as best I could, made my way to the office…

…and watched it continue to rain. Basically all the livelong day. And at some point, I kind of started to think that enough was enough. Aren’t the skies empty yet? Can we get a little summer temperature going, please?

And so tonight, I’m thrilled to be escaping the rain and dreariness for a few days. I’m going to Switzerland for a long weekend, heading home for the first time since early April, thrilled to use my weekend off yoga training to spend time in some of my favorite places with some of my favorite people. I have a little “yay, yay, YAY!” happy dance going on inside of me right now.

It’s supposed to hit 31 degrees Celsius in Geneva tomorrow.

I’m ready.