Restless brilliance

I had a really tough day at work today. One of those where you just don't even know what it's all for anymore, and you wish you could chew your way right through your desk and all the way to freedom.

When it was finally time to leave at the end of the day, I tried my usual tactics: I put on a positivity podcast for the walk home (in this case, The Lavendaire Lifestyle), but I kept drowning it out with my own thoughts. I tried some deep breaths. I tried mindfully bringing myself back to the present moment, feeling the cobblestones beneath my feet, noticing the colors and shapes and people around me. Nothing worked.

I was, in a word, feeling restless.

My restlessness took me up a slightly different path home from the one I normally take, just one block off the main road. I've never been on that block before.

It took me straight past a sign for the offices of Shine Communications.

"Shine." it advised me. "Stay restless. Be brilliant."

In a perfect world, when we're feeling agitated, we'd be able to calm ourselves down. To release anxiety and worries as soon as we've noticed them, to come back to the now, to find perspective and gratitude and poise.

And I am working on that, really. Truly, madly, deeply. I'm doing so much better.

On these days, though, when calm just isn't the word of the day because AAAAAAHHHHHHH, I love this idea: "Shine. Stay restless. Be brilliant."

I interpret this as an eloquently-phrased version of "Be Yourself." If something isn't working, or if something isn't YOU, change it. Don't favor complacency over restlessness. Look for signs (literally, in this case!), make tweaks, restlessly wrestle yourself towards situations where you CAN shine if that's what feels right in those Restless Moments.

The Happy Moments are still out there, everyday, everywhere. 

You just sometimes have to take a restless detour to find them.