Nothing to nothing

You know it's soccer time somewhere when your Happy Moment of the day involves the result of zero-to-zero.

My home country of Switzerland played France tonight in the last game of the round robin stages of Euro 2016

And yes, after 92 minutes of 22 men chasing after 1 ball, it all ended on the rather anti-climactic score of 0-0.

So why is that a good thing? Because it means that Switzerland is advancing to the knockout stages for the first time in the history of the Euro!  

And if you're wondering how that can happen when nobody actually won the game, the answer is...math. I'll leave it at that. I mean, I get it, and I could explain it, but let's be honest: nobody is reading my blog to learn more about sports.

(Or if you are, you're about to be sorely disappointed.)

I haven't actually been really following the Euro, but I do love when the little guy moves on. We're a little country, and it's exciting to do things for the first time. I kind of wish I were in Switzerland tonight to soak up a little Swiss atmosphere. It'd probably involve some cries of "Hopp Suisse!"...or possibly yodeling.

And I say, any occasion to yodel automatically gets to be a Happy Moment.

Bravo, les p'tits Suisses! You've made us proud. :-)