Hello, London!

My Mom is breezing through town for 36 hours, so today was all about stuffing things in: a little tourism, a little family time, and a little relaxation.

We started with the first place I love to take anybody who visits: the London canals. They're just so quaint and pretty and totally unknown to non-locals! My Mom has been to London many times before, but never knew they were here.

I think I'm going to make up an expression to use whenever I - a total foreigner - help someone discover something new about the city: "You've just been LONDONED!" (Try it out--let's see if it catches on!)

After a nice long walk along the canals - and a little waterside hot chocolate - we headed to Tower Bridge (which is not, as many think, the same thing as London Bridge!). I'd visited it before a few years ago, but my Mom never knew you could actually visit the bridge itself: LONDONED again! We walked along the high-level walkways, 42 metres above the river Thames. Parts of it are glass-floored, and someone even thought to put a mirror above naturally I lay down on the floor and took a selfie to look like I was levitating! (Did it work?)

Then, we made our way clear across town for that most British of pastimes: afternoon tea. There are so many scattered throughout London, and we ended up at Liberty, the luxury department store. There were finger sandwiches, scones, jam, clotted cream, and - you guessed it - tea.

By that point, I had to beg off to get to my Friday night yoga training, leaving my Mom solo for a fish and chips dinner and a little more exploration while I Zen-ed out. 

Thanks for coming, Mom. Safe travels tomorrow, and see you soon. In the meantime: You've just been Londoned.