Baby's first headstand

My Happy Moment for the day came early, when at around 7:40 this morning, I did my first-ever unsupported headstand!

I had just warmed up with some sun salutations and performed half of my exam sequence, and I thought, "oh, I'll throw in a little headstand practice."

And then I just...did it. Plopped my forearms onto the mat, took some baby steps forward with my toes, tucked in, and pressed up.

And then I thought, "Oh, I wish I'd caught that on camera."

So I went to get my phone, and just...did it again.

But the picture didn't take, so after giving my phone a stern talking-to, I...well, did it again. Three times! Just like that!

(Note to self: work on photography skills. Who knew my toes were so far away from my head?)

This is a pretty big deal for me because it suggests I'm learning to do things I could never do before, and that this is all coming about as a result of lots of work and a gentle boost in self-confidence. At the end of the day, a headstand is just a headstand, and this isn't even an advanced one. Doing it doesn't make me a better person, or even a better yogi.

But it does make me wonder, "Hmmm, what will I learn to do next?"

See? Even baby steps do pay off.