Braiding the stress away

You know how some days are all about big, impressive accomplishments, and then other days you're just like, "I managed to braid my own hair!" ?

Guess which kind of day today was! I was incredibly busy alllllll day, morning to night. I woke up early, practiced my yoga exam sequence, did laundry, worked hard all day, had a work lunch with a (distractingly handsome) colleague, squeezed a physical therapy session for my hamstring into my afternoon, went straight from work to another yoga observation class (my last one!), then straight from there to dinner with a friend to talk about another project, and finally it's 11pm and I just got home, and I need to wake up early tomorrow morning because it's going to be ANOTHER super-busy day.

...and yet here I am sitting on my sofa looking back on the day, and thinking beyond all that stress of the day to conclude, "but my HAIR looked really cool!"

I've never been the most dextrous person, but recently I have been playing around with different braids, and today's was my favorite. For some reason, the photo I selfie-d isn't posting correctly, so you'll just have to imagine that I looked every bit as great as the tutorial below that got me there in the first place (well, close enough anyway). Two braids, with the second one woven through the first! 

It was one of those totally random, "huh--I actually did that!" moments, and sometimes I think it really is the little moments in a sea of busy-ness that can bring a smile to our face on an otherwise stressful day. 

So the next time you're stressed, what's that one little thing that will bring YOU back to the present moment and a sense of accomplishment? What's that reminder that actually, things are just fine and you are doing great? I hope you all find that Happy Moment of your own.

And just in case you can't, consider braiding your hair.