Right & left (I'm still learning)

Last night was a huge Happy Moment for me, because I taught my first-ever yoga class!

My friend Claudia volunteered to serve as my first student (/victim), and invited me over to her lovely flat. We rolled out our mats (Bellatrix: still sexy). I asked about any injuries, as you're supposed to when you open a class. I invited her to take a comfortable seat and close her eyes to start the practice.

And then - just for the briefest of moments - I froze. My mind went utterly and completely blank and I didn't know what to say or what I was even doing there.

And then, one heartbeat later, I let that go. I started speaking. I invited her to set an intention, we did a warmup, we went through our sun salutations, our standing poses, our seated poses, our closing sequence, and a final relaxation.

And...I did it! It was far from perfect, of course. I mean, for one thing, my one-hour class ran something like 1 hour 23 minutes. Saying I ran into overtime would be just a hair of an understatement. And mind you that was with the fact that I had a running stopwatch literally strapped to my wrist. Which I neglected to check entirely. Mind you that was also with the fact that I entirely forgot one posture (sorry, purvottanasana). Timing? Needs work.

Also needing work? My concept of right and left, which I got wrong at least three different times. At one point in the practice, I literally looked directly at my right hand, and very clearly thought in my head, "this is left." 

Yeah, it wasn't. Poor Claudia. Before my next class, I really may need to label my own limbs.

But even with left/right confusion, even with whacked-out timekeeping (or really, total lack thereof), I was TEACHING YOGA! And it felt GREAT! And Claudia even gave me some really lovely feedback at the end, and bought me dinner after, so it was like being paid for doing something I love with pizza - just when you thought things couldn't get better!

I've got lots and lots and lots of work to do on this, but it's really pretty exciting to have my first-ever lesson under my belt, and to start seeing little snippets of ideas and thoughts and dreams that maybe, just maybe, are starting to look a lot more like reality.