YouTube really, really wants me to get pregnant

You know those often-annoying ads that often show before the videos you want to play on YouTube?

Recently, I have been getting this one for Clearblue Digital a lot. I beg of you, don't click on that link. Don't encourage them. Allow me instead to describe it: Babies. Babbling. To the tune of 'Baa Baa Black Sheep.' Followed by a voice telling me about the best way to maximize my chances of getting pregnant, which boils down to: "Blablabla. And also? Buy our product."

When I say I've been getting that commercial a lot, I mean every single day. And I am mystified as to why it is still doing that. I do understand why it would select me in the first place: quite simply because I'm a woman of a certain age. Which is to say, many women of my age may indeed be looking for ways to get pregnant.

But I'm not. And I feel like YouTube should know this! I haven't recently gotten married or engaged. I haven't looked at other videos involving babies. I haven't Googled one single thing that's even vaguely related to trying to get pregnant. I haven't shopped for baby clothes or visited any pregnancy blogs or even just once clicked on that looming "Tell Me More" link in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. 

Ring the changes a bit, YouTube! I happen to know your ads should be based on websites I've visited, where I am geographically, previous Google ad interactions, and more. It's not all about gender and age! Can you at least show me some ads about where to find a boyfriend, maybe, before trying to thrust me into single motherhood?

So today, you guessed it, I got the ad. I sat through it, painfully, for 20 whole seconds. And then I got on with my life.

Look, YouTube, I love kids. I may well end up having some. But not today. So please, take the hint and bring back the commercial about cats with thumbs. I love that one.