Cookie speculation

Remember way back when I had a disgusting experience with yeast?

(Ok, I just reread that sentence. That was a really poor choice of words. Sorry.)

After trying Vegemite that one time, I swore I'd just throw those two jars away.

...I did no such thing.

(It's only been four-and-a-half months, though. Give me time.)

Only now my Australian jars have a Belgian friend, which I tried for the first time this morning: Speculoos. It's a sort of spreadable version of caramelized gingerbread cookies. I picked it up last week in a supermarket in Brussels, somewhat randomly. I had a vague memory of having tried it before, perhaps in my youth, and thought, "huh. Why not."

It's absolutely delicious. I don't even LIKE gingerbread, and it's delicious! It makes me wish there were spreadable versions of other cookies! Imagine spreadable Oreos! Spreadable chocolate chip paste! Spreadable thin mints!

I am now a total Speculoos convert. Seriously, after one Speculoos-topped quinoa cracker I'm ready to throw a convention. I'd stand at the front door, handing out Speculoos samples to event attendees (and, probably, keeping most to myself). 

Does that happen to anyone else? Latching on obsessively to a product until you finally grow tired of it? I've done this before with Maltesers. Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked. Layer Cake Malbec. Risolettos. Eventually, the obsession quiets down, generally after I've simply had one too many.

Until then, there are some spoonfuls of Speculoos in my near future. Well played, Belgium.