Yoga teacher training - weekend two

This past weekend was the second in my series of ten weekends of training to certify as a yoga teacher. I am technically 20% done (not counting all the extra stuff, like homework, observation classes, reading, etc.).

I'm obsessed with the fact that this isn't even halfway done. Heck, this isn't even a quarter of the way done. At the same time, I'm feeling much better about it than I did at the end of Weekend One. And that's in spite of the fact that the yoga itself pretty much beat the crap out of me, then backed up, and then beat even more crap out of me all weekend long.

Having come back from India on Wednesday, I hadn't been shall-we-say particularly diligent about my own yoga practice for the past week. In my defense, I didn't have a yoga mat. In my further defense, my hotel room in Mumbai didn't even have towels.

But that's where my excuses stop, because the point I'm ultimately making is that I struggled this weekend, but ultimately got through it. The way these weekends work at a high level is, on Friday we start with a one-hour class (which is the sequence I will need to teach in July as my final exam). On Saturdays and Sundays, which are full days, we start with a two-hour yoga class. The rest of the time has lots of practicing and sequencing and other classes, but those yoga practices are the most exhausting parts of the training.

But exhausting in a good way. And even though it was an absolutely beautiful, stunning weekend in London, I didn't even really mind spending most of it indoors. We even had one class outside, in the lovely little park right across the street from the Buddhist Centre we're studying at. The subject there was balancing poses, like Tree pose (Vrksasana) ! We were trees among the actual trees!

I also received a nice compliment from the instructor about I have a great voice and projection. (Figures, that the one American in the class is the loudest.) But hearing that actually felt REALLY nice for two reasons: (1) because speaking in public and teaching are two things that I'm really interested in doing more of; and (2) because I've struggled so much with low self-confidence and feelings that I'm not actually good at anything. So that was a true Happy Moment for me.

I've got class again this coming weekend, and in the meantime, that means I need to get really serious about practicing every day, talking myself through sequences, thinking about transitions, and making my voice even better!

There is so, so much to learn. But it's exciting. Namaste.