May-be gone

Can you even believe we are five months into the year already? It's absolutely flying by, albeit in some ways standing perfectly still, if that makes any sense at all.

There is value in appreciating the small moments that have gone by, I think, and in looking forward to upcoming changes and surprises. With that said, there's also real value to being in the present moment. To noticing that, ok, I'm curled up in my bed right now, tapping away at the keyboard, listening to the soothing sounds of Ludovico Einaudi up close, and the distant noise of a siren going by. It's 10:09pm, and another month has gone by.

Thus, after January, February, March, and April, what has May brought me?

- 152 straight days of blogging
- 152 straight days of meditation
- I finished Walking the Nile and Eat, Pray, Loveand read (and loved!) The Chakras Made Easy, though I've sorta crashed and burned on my objective of reading 10 pages a day. Grrr.
- I completed weekends two, three, and four of Yoga Teacher Training, which I am simultaneously loving and terrified of.
- I traveled to India for the first time ever, making memories in Mumbai, attending an Indian wedding, gawking at the Taj Mahal, and ending with a day in Delhi.
- I went on a whirlwind European tour, hosting big meetings and workshops in Brussels, Amsterdam, and Dublin in the space of a few days, plus a little day trip to charming Cambridge.
- I had a musical MRI...which led to a diagnosis of hamstring tendonitis...which led to me just this morning getting a steroid injection...which means I can't do yoga for a the middle of an intensive yoga teacher training. This is my very, very UNhappy Moment of the month. And yet, there is reason to be grateful: June is GOING to be the month I am finally healed!

Favorite moment of the month: The moment I first laid eyes on the Taj Mahal. It's just indescribable. Magic.

Quote of the month: "The sky is everywhere. It begins at your feet." - Jandy Nelson

Fun fact of the month: The words 'listen' and 'silent' have all the same letters. You can't do one without the other. I absolutely love this.

Goal for next month: One hour of yoga every day, whether studying, personal practice, or some combination thereof.

Five months in, five months gone. Still going to be a good one, 2016? I think so. Let's do it.

June, you're up next.