Sundays in Cambridge

My Dad is visiting for the bank holiday weekend in the UK, which has been lots of fun. Yesterday, we walked 17km all over London (which seems high to me, but hey, Google Fit doesn't lie. I think.) I showed him my neighborhood, we wandered the canal system, and ended up downtown for gelati at my favorite place of the moment, before I introduced him to ramen for the first time ever (He loved it - perhaps he'll start a senior citizen, Switzerland-based chapter of the Ramen Appreciation Society!)

Today, we decided to venture outside of London with a little day trip to Cambridge, that charming center of education, science, and literature.

We didn't do a whole lot of visiting. There are absolutely beautiful buildings in Cambridge. Colleges and churches, absolutely everywhere, concentrated in a tiny, cultured city center. But we kind of just wandered around all day, and I think that was fine with both of us.

The weather started out chilly, but fortunately warmed up as the day breezed by. We went for hot chocolate in the morning, and chilled wine once the sun was out. We walked along the river Cam, watching the numerous punters as they glided by. We took pictures of fluffy baby geese and ended the day watching a swan chase after an adult goose (this was oddly fascinating).

In short, it was kind of a perfect just-be-in-the-moment day. No big deeds, no big visits or historical facts. Just a nice, quiet day in a beautiful place. I think it's nice to appreciate those when we can. So thank you, for today.