The tour returns home

Capping off my mini-European tour, I returned home to London last night. 

It's nice to be home, and nice to have wrapped up a pretty busy work week--perhaps the most stressful since I started this job, given the pretty high-profile client presentations I had to give.

Right before I headed to the airport in Dublin, I made one final stop, at the Shelbourne Hotel, one of Dublin's oldest and fanciest locales.

More specifically, I stopped at the bar.

I ordered a glass of their most luxurious champagne. (It came with a strawberry. I love it when they do that. Champagne should always have fruit in it--wouldn't you just love it if your next glass showed up with a slice of kiwi, or some shaved papaya?)

I sipped it slowly, thinking back on a workweek that included lots of Happy Moments, albeit none of them involving actual work: Tetris tournaments and Tintin in Brussels, churches and cheese in Amsterdam, and finally two drinking extremes in Dublin: cheap, noisy pubs and classy, refined champagne lounges.

And now, back in London for a bit, it's time to figure out what comes next. In travel, yes, but mostly in life. More news to come soon, I hope.