Pubbing around Dublin

As you can tell by the grainy, fuzzy picture collage above (almost as though my camera were tipsy, rather than me!), I may have visited a few pubs in Dublin last night.

Four, in fact. All as part of the fun Dublin Literary Pub Crawl, where two actors lead you and your fellow tourists around just a few of the pubs in the famous Temple Bar neighbourhood, periodically stopping to get into character and tell you tales of famous Irish stories and plays written by the likes of Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, and James Joyce. My friend Jihane and I joined a fun group of Americans, Aussies, and Brits for the experience.

And there was a quiz at the end of the crawl, too! And I so love a good quiz! Sadly, I didn't win, getting only one question right out of, oh, ten or so (mind you, after four pubs my math had suffered).

The one question I did get right was this: "What sport was Oscar Wilde known for, somewhat surprisingly given his passionate interest in art and aesthetics?"

And somewhere in the depths of my Wikipedia-addicted brain, that answer came to me like a lightning bolt from Zeus: "Boxing!" I shrieked when the question was asked.

This followed a story earlier in the evening where the actors had told us of the time Wilde put on a poetry reading in the tiny mining town of Leadville, Colorado, - no doubt for the world's most bored audience - eventually drinking all the hardened, weathered miners under the table.

"Anyone here from Colorado?" the acting duo asked, and I raised my hand. "Sort of!" I caveated, and fortunately no one asked for a lengthier biography.

"Aha! Colorado! The highest state in America!" they crowed, a joke that probably stopped being genuinely funny in Colorado back in 2014, but which may not have quite worn out its welcome in Ireland yet.

So when I pulled the "boxing!" answer out of thin air at the end of the night, one of the actors pointed at me again: "one point for Colorado!"

It was the only point Colorado scored that night. But perhaps we'll get 'em next time.

After all, there are apparently 751 pubs in Dublin. Four down. 747 to go.