Riverside in Dublin

For the final stop on my European tour this week, I landed in Dublin yesterday afternoon.

(On a related note, I am not the only European tour in town! Bruce Springsteen is here too! He's got 80,000 people welcoming him, so I can see how our scope may be slightly different.)

I went for a lovely dinner at the Winding Stair, a charming and slightly chic restaurant that doubles as a second-hand bookstore (the restaurant is indeed up a winding staircase, above the bookstore). There's a lovely view over the Liffey River and famous Ha'penny Bridge.

There's something about having a corporate card to pay for your dinner that sometimes causes me to order things I wouldn't have otherwise: Maybe I don't go for the absolute cheapest glass of wine on the menu. Maybe I get that fancy cheese plate with the smear of plum jam. Maybe I make a gelato stop on the way home. 

After dinner, I wound my way back along the river, enjoying the relative quiet of Dublin after the craze of Amsterdam the night before and the bustle of London to come. When I got to the Samuel Beckett Bridge (or "Harp Bridge," as I like to call it), it was beautifully lit up against a deep blue night sky. Lovely and lyrical, just like Ireland itself.