Yoga teacher training - weekend four

Yesterday wrapped up my fourth weekend of yoga teacher training. 40% done already, and so, so much new information crammed into my brain, fighting for space!

This weekend was different, for a couple of reasons. For one thing, on Friday morning I went to the doctor to get the results of my musical MRI the week prior. The diagnosis was hamstring tendonitis. This was simultaneously "good news" (because hey, that explains why it's still hurting so much!) and "bad news" (because OMFG YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME MAKE IT STOP).

So I was not in the world's best spirits when I rolled in to YTT weekend #4, particularly with a big work week looming beyond it. In Friday night's practice, I took every modification known to man. I bent my knees in every pose. I micro-bended. I swapped upward facing dog for a baby cobra. I nixed jumps and inversions. I grimaced and growled and half-assed one thing after another. You know how sometimes you WANT the WORLD to know you are in pain? That was me and my little Pity Party For One, Friday night. Cheese with that whine? You betcha!

But after that Friday night practice, we had a lecture on chakras. What are chakras, you ask? Why, they're spinning wheels of energy points throughout the subtle body! Affecting the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies! I happen to have read a book on them recently (The Chakras Made Easy) and found it to be a fascinating concept, so this lecture was right up my alley. It's not for everyone, and boy do I understand why (it's a little froo-froo for some, I'm guessing), but I was putty in the instructor's hands for that session, and isn't it great to discover new things you're interested in?!

Saturday and Sunday were similarly interesting, with the first of our series of anatomy lectures, led by a wonderfully enthusiastic teacher. And that's where the fullfullveryfull brain symptoms started to kick in. Bones and muscles and tendons, oh my! Why do they all have LATIN names when I'm already busy learning SANSKRIT??? As yoga teachers, we won't be expected to diagnose or treat any diseases or symptoms, of course, but we do need to be able to modify and adjust appropriately if a student has a disc bulge, a scoliosis, or - just to pluck a random examples out of thin air - hamstring tendonitis.

I'm struggling with my studies. Sometimes it feels like I'm too busy for this. Sometimes I miss my weekends. But it's all so interesting. And these days, it's all so me.