European tour 2016

So...I'm a little confused.

I was all set to write about my little one-week European tour, since I'm about to head out on a multi-destination trip.

But...when I type "European tour 2016" into a Google Image search, this is the first image that comes up. 

And...the next few images aren't any better. In addition to Ghost's 'Black to the Future' tour, there is also Mayday Parade's 'Have Mercy (Beautiful Bodies)' tour, Kataklysm's 'Of Ghosts and Gods' tour, and Tribulation's 'The Children of the Night' tour (featuring special guest Vampire). 

I'm not even sure which poster is scariest. I was just looking for some nice, innocent pictures of European travel! Not some sort of frightening nightmarish ghouls and ghosts and goblins!

So now I'm slightly worried about nightmares over the next few nights.

But at least I'll be having these nightmares in cool places. Stay tuned......