Saturday night fever

Before you get all jealous about my exciting Saturday night plans, you should know that after a full day of yoga, I:

1) Got a carryout personal pizza from Domino's.
2) Which is part of a £3.99 deal with two toppings and a large soda (which is actually kind of a screaming deal.)
3) Bought one of those little one-person bottles of red wine. The kind that doesn't even have the type of grape on the label.
4) Came home to an empty apartment.
5) Started a marathon Netflix session of Fuller House.

And that's actually A-ok with me tonight. Because Fuller House is a seriously saccharine show, but it brings up some pretty fun nostalgic feelings. When I was growing up in Switzerland in the 80s and 90s, its predecessor Full House was one of the shows that our grandmother would tape in the U.S. and mail to us on VHS tapes. Ah, VHS.  

It was a pretty exciting day at home whenever one of those tapes came in the mail. There'd be 5, 6, sometimes even 7 episodes on a single tape!!! We'd have typically been waiting months since our last new episodes. Bring out the popcorn! I would literally call my best friend Anna when one arrived, like it was some sort of tween precursor to a drug deal: "We got some new STUFF!"

And we watched them so much. Full House wasn't even our favorite. We had every single episode of Perfect Strangers on VHS. We watched them over and over and over. Those tapes moved house with us, even after we moved to the U.S., where we could probably have watched it on TV anyway. My entire family can still, to this day, quote from specific episodes. I'm not sure I'll ever forget some of those highlights. I hope everyone has a favorite childhood show like that.

So, when are they going to make a modern-day sequel for that?