What does global mean to you?

I had an interesting conversation with someone today.

"What do you think the difference is between international and global?" she asked.

We were talking about my career strengths, and the question came a little out of left field. 

"Hmmm," I said out loud, inwardly thinking, uhhhhhh, I dunno.

And then - as I often do, when I don't know what to say - I started babbling:

"Well, uh, I guess that international is kind of, like, you know? When you travel? And global is - hmmm, maybe... Like, maybe it's bigger than that."

And then I slightly tightened my narrative and said something wise and introspective, like, "Maybe international somehow precedes global. Maybe international is more what you do, and global is more a mindset of who you are."

I don't know if that's right. I don't know that it even matter what the difference is (if there is one to begin with!) But it's kind of working for me right now. Given enough time and money, I feel like almost anyone could travel and do other international things. But would doing so actually make you a global citizen? Would you be more open-minded, more tuned in to others from very different backgrounds? Would it make you a more authentic person?

Maybe it's just nice to ask ourselves sometimes what words define us. I like Global. It feels Joëlle-y at the moment. I think it's part of my story--the one I'm telling myself, and the one I'm starting to open up to share with others.

I hope everyone out there has words that work for them. Let's keep storytelling.