Rooftops and card games

Friends of mine threw a rooftop barbecue party tonight, and I got there just in time for sunset. A chilly sunset, mind you, but with a little fire pit we could all huddle around, no matter. Portabello burgers for the vegetarians among us, and I was one happy camper.

I was an even happier camper when I came back downstairs to my friends' loft and found a group playing Cards Against Humanity. I have heard about this game so many times, but never played it, and never even really knew what it was about. As it turns out, it's a fill-in-the-blank party game where each player draws ten white cards, and then one player draws a black card, which will have either a question or a statement with a blank on it, and reads it aloud to the group. For example: 

"School administrators, in order to curb rampant teenage pregnancy, have started using ________."


"Batman's guilty pleasure is ____________."


"What would Grandma find disturbing, but also secretly charming?"

Then every player has to pick one of his or her ten cards to fill in the blank or answer the question, and once we've gone around the circle, the player with the "best" card wins. That's it.

I must have had beginner's luck, because I immediately won the first two hands. But it was downhill from here. And I can't, in good company, actually reveal what my two winning answers were. They are - shall we say - best suited for a mature audience. As were 90% of the other players' cards. In fact, the safest answer that I probably can reveal is:

"Batman's guilty pleasure is ... Keanu Reeves."

Mine too, Batman. Mine too.