Hospital gowns are a great look

I had an MRI during my lunch break today.

Not for fun, mind you. It wasn't as if I just wanted to do something different, or I'd gotten bored of going to Prêt A Manger or something. This was entirely pre-arranged and to do with both my slow-slow-very-slow hamstring recovery (how I live for the day when I no longer need to link that blog post!), and some unrelated longstanding hip alignment issues. So nothing life-threatening or terribly serious.

So given that, I was sort of able to - dare I say it - enjoy the experience. Insomuch as that's possible, I suppose, when you have to lie completely still in a confined space for 45 minutes.

I mean, hospital gowns don't exactly flatter most people (myself included), but then again, you can't get a whole lot more comfortable than a flapping bathrobe and slippers, can you? Isn't there something sort of hilarious about wearing something that only comes in one size? Don't you sometimes wish more clothing were like that? (No? Just me?)

And another thing I loved was that you could choose music to listen to in the MRI machine. An actual MRI Music List! Bob Marley! 80s Hits! ABBA! 

I opted for Adele. And when "Hello from the outsiiiiide" played, I was thinking that given my current claustrophobic location it would be better if it were "Hello from the inside" instead, and boy did I think that was hilarious in the moment. Oh, how I cracked myself up with that one.

In fact, I had some weird thoughts in that MRI machine. I thought about life, about love, about the mysteries of the universe, about where I want my life to go, about why I am who I am, about how deep the depth of my thoughts was. And then, I randomly thought about mushrooms. Not hallucinogenic ones, just regular edible mushrooms. And then at one point, I'm pretty sure I fell asleep. Whilst inside the world's loudest piece of machinery.

All this to say: I sort of wish that MRI had been longer.

I had the perfect outfit and everything.