Organic loo

I bought toilet paper today.

(You're welcome, for that enlightening piece of information.)

But not just any toilet paper. Ecoleaf recycled paper toilet tissue from Planet Organic! The UK's first 100% toilet tissue with 100% compostable wrap! It's sustainable, renewable, non-polluting, and non-toxic!

I didn't stop there. I bought organic cotton pads. I bought plant-sourced natural toothpaste. I bought cruelty-free, Soil Association-certified laundry detergent. 

Recently, one of my goals has been to lead a more natural, conscious lifestyle. That extends to the way I eat (which is not always successful), but also to what I bring into my home, slather onto my clothes, put on my face, spray on my skin, etc. I've become one of those annoying people who can't buy a new eyeshadow without checking the ingredients.

This also makes me somewhat of a hypocrite, I realize, given that, say, verifying whether a shampoo is vegan when one is not actually vegan oneself (and has no intention of becoming so) might seem a touch self-important.

It's kind of nice, though. I like my natural cleaning products. I like opening my bathroom cabinet and seeing all those organic cosmetics. It's almost like a little love note from me to myself: "Hey, I'm doing my best to take care of you here. Oh, and the environment too, which doesn't hurt."

I have my super-educated, earth-loving little sister to thank for clueing me in to these things, and she's a lot more faithful than I am. I'm learning, though. I'm catching up.

After all, I'm the one with magical toilet paper now.