Everyone loves ice cream

Last night I was taken to La Gelateria in Covent Garden for the first time.

There is a sign out front proclaiming "The Best Gelato in the World?" and after tasting just a few of their concoctions, I think they make a pretty solid case.

So much so that - since I just so happened to be in the area - I went back for more tonight. I mean, we're talking about a place that, according to the certificate posted on the door, was once ranked #2 on TripAdvisor out of 10,732 restaurants in London. That's...not bad for an ice cream shop.

I went for a mix of three flavors, all of which were delicious: Oreo Biscuit, Sea Salted Caramel, and Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate. So....obviously, I've got a thing for chocolate and caramel. They had other interesting-looking flavors. like Basil & Chili, Honey Rosemary & Orange Zest, and Balsamic Vinegar. But when it comes to gelati, I like my classics.

I'm reminded of a song my Mom used to sing when I was little, pretty much every single time we'd have ice cream at home: "Everyone Likes Ice Cream." And when I just Googled it to look up the lyrics, imagine my surprise to find it's actually a Sesame Street song from 1969! How did I never know that? I thought it was just a random ditty! 

The lyrics are slightly different to how I remember her singing it, so it's possible she learned a cover or alternate version. There may have been someone remixing Sesame Street songs in the early 1970s, for all I know.

But in any case, it brings back memories of something that I've always been taught, truly, everybody can agree on.

Oh, everyone loves ice cream, 
Yes indeed they do!
Everyone loves iiiiiice cream!
I do -- do you?
Search the whole world over,
And sail the seven seas,
But there is always something on which everyone agrees!