100 Happy Moments

Today is the 100th day of 2016. I know, crazy, right??

That also makes this my 100th blog post. Which somehow feels even craziER

This also puts me in a little bit of a pickle. Back in February, I wrote a post about how I was struggling to think of things to write about (this is still true on many days, by the way). In that same post, I cited an article by a digital marketer and blogger called Cammi Phan. The article was called "You Will Always Suck At What You Do, Until You Do This." I'm going to re-quote a section of it, as it's particularly pertinent today:

Your first 100 blog posts will mostly suck. [...] Nobody can pick up a pen, then write and win a Pulitzer Prize right away. [...] The truth is no matter how smart you are. WE ALL SUCK IN THE BEGINNING. Most people give up right away. A few people stick around until they get it right. We suck and it is fine. Because it is just the beginning.

So you see, that's kind of a scary thought. Because I'm definitely still a beginner at this. But, 100 entries in, I'm not a total beginner anymore. Up until now, total suckage on my part was absolutely allowed. Expected, even. But starting tomorrow, it's all got to be GOLD!

*small voice*: "And what if it isn't? What if nothing changes? What if I just can't?"

*even smaller, yet frightfully stubborn voice*: "But you CAN. You can do things that seemed impossible 100 days ago or 3 years ago or yesterday. You can do things that feel impossible right now and that might be unthinkable tomorrow and you can do them anyway because YES YOU CAN and because EVERYTHING CHANGES. Always, always, always. Just keep swimming."

See you all tomorrow.