Down where it's wetter

After working out of a different office today, I got off the train at Waterloo Station and thought I'd walk along the south bank of the Thames for a bit, since I'm rarely in that part of the city.

It was sunny when I started, but the weather in London has been very changing today, jumping from blinding sunshine to dowsing rain and back again, with fast-moving clouds in between.

I wandered somewhat aimlessly, vaguely looking about for a happy moment to remember and blog about, but not really seeing anything that felt quite right.

It started to rain again, lightly at first, and so I pressed forward along the promenade, aiming for shelter.

Then I spotted a small crowd of people - children, mainly - gathered around a railing, looking down at a sandy spot I couldn't see. And I heard music.

Making my way to the front, I looked down and saw two musicians playing a spirited guitar-and-ukulele-accompanied cover of Disney's "Under The Sea," from The Little MermaidA message sculpted into a sand mound introduced them as Panicky Tack. I love Disney songs, and it made me smile.

It started raining harder. They sang on.