I'm in three places at once!

I'm currently sitting on the floor of an airport, waiting for my flight back to London to board after a day of meetings.

Not just any airport, though. The EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, which sits on the border of three different countries: Switzerland, France, and Germany. (Basel is in Switzerland, Mulhouse is in France, and Freiburg is in Germany.) This makes it the only tri-country airport in the world! Who knew?!

It's important to note that this means pretty much nothing in a post-Schengen Agreement world. All three countries basically operate as one for the purposes of international travel, with a common visa policy. You could, essentially, hop back and forth between all three countries without having to show a passport. Like, literally hop back and forth. Like a rabbit. No one would stop you. These days, when you cross a Schengen border, you're pretty much just waving at an empty booth as you stroll by, if even that.

But there's still something a little exciting about being an international traveler, isn't there? There's something about a Swiss-German-speaking taxi driver dropping you off at an airport, where you pay him in Swiss francs, even though you're technically in France at this point. There's something about clearing security and making your way to the snack bar, where they'll again charge you in Swiss francs even though they're speaking French to you. Then you can cruise through the duty free shop, because even though Germany, France, and the UK are all part of the European Union, Switzerland isn't.

And that, my friends entitles you to buy discounted Swiss watches, French wine, and German electronics to take back home.

At Swiss prices, of course.