Send-off for April

Many more impressions of Mumbai after last night, but since it is the last day of April, as per usual I’m going to reflect a bit on another month gone by.

We’re a third of a way through 2016! It’s just incredible how this year has gone by, things that have changed, some that have stayed the same, some that I hope WILL change soon, and other surprises that no doubt remain in store.

So after January, February, and March, what were the moments to remember from April?

- 121 straight days of blogging (including the infamous Day 100)
- 121 straight days of meditation
- I finished rereading one book (Choose Yourself), and started three more (Walking the Nile; Eat, Pray, Love; and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which is homework reading). At the end of March, I mentioned wanting to read more, and while I haven’t necessarily read more quantity, I have definitely been able to read more frequently, primarily by imposing a 10-pages-per-day rule on myself.
- I started – gulp! – training to become certified as a yoga teacher.
- I had another lovely long weekend at home in Switzerland, flew out of a tri-country airport, rode a boat down the Thames, and impulsively booked a trip to INDIA!)

Favorite moment of the month: Excluding anything from the ongoing Indian trip, which I’ll reflect on later, my Happy Moment was definitely PaintNite with friends, each of us creating our own little masterpiece. Love those nights when you can’t stop smiling.

Quote of the month: Thoughts are just that: thoughts. They are not the story of my life.

Fun fact of the month: The Indian Post Office has a series of yoga stamps!

Goal for next month: Really throw myself into my yoga training. Yoga every damn day.

One third in to 2016, and while there are many, many unknowns remaining about this year, I still think it’s shaping up to be a good one.

Take a moment to think: what are some of YOUR key takeaways/experiences from the year thus far?

May: let’s do this.