Sunday run in Switzerland

Many things are closed in Switzerland on Sundays. Grocery stores, shopping centers, most restaurants, libraries, etc. It's a quiet day, intended, one presumes, for rest and reflection. The other six days, we keep busy with work and errands; Sundays, not so.

But with a little energy to burn nevertheless, it was the perfect day for a long run and some reflection. And lots of childhood memories. First, along the Drize river, which I remember falling into once when I was about ten years old (I was fine. It ain't exactly the Mississippi.) Then, through the neighborhood of Troinex, where I grew up. Past my old home, my old primary school. (Hey! It's twice as big as when I went there!) Past several of my friends' old homes. (Hey! I forgot the name of the street was chemin de Claiset!) Past the field full of donkeys. Past the statue garden with the lion I always loved because it reminded me of the Chronicles of Narnia. (Hey! It's Aslan!) 

Then up and around the neighboring village of Veyrier, right up against the French border at the foot of the Salève mountain. Then along the woods. Then down the dirt path that led to the backway to the school I attended in 7th and 8th grades. Then, blissfully, back down one final hill. A total of 12km, and it was a tough one today. But thanks for the memories, Switzerland.

And after that, I think I earned some rest.