First day in India

Good morning from Mumbai!

I think I will need to write more about India after the trip is over and I’ve had a little time to process and reflect.

So for now, I will simply list through a few things that I’ve already experienced in less than 24 hours in India:

- Saw a sacred cow (OMG, not even kidding, we weren’t even 1km from the airport and I nearly fell over myself trying to get a picture of it and I MISSED IT and WHY GOD WHY and it was just WALKING AROUND IN THE STREET and it was a cow and it was AWESOME)

- Had four cups of chai….yummy!

- Cried in public due to a bite of particularly spicy food (which probably wasn’t even that spicy, if you’re a local)

- Repeatedly almost died in Mumbai traffic

- Somehow got to the right place from the airport despite having a taxi driver who could neither speak English nor read (good choice, Joëlle. You really picked well on this one.)

- Learned to say ‘thank you’ in Hindi, which is actually kind of easy to remember because it sounds like the name of my sister: ‘Dania Wad.’ (-ish. It’s something like that.)

- Been welcomed in by three generations of my friend Ritesh’s lovely family, who have taken wonderful care of me.

I’m off now to meet my other friend Neel for brunch and a tour of Mumbai now, and can imagine that the experiences above are only a start. What a crazy, confusing, and colorful place this is. Let’s go see more of it.