Holy cow, India awaits!

So I'm leaving for India tonight, and I'm all tingly with excitement and can hardly sit still!

Here are my top 5 objectives for the next week:

1) Marry a maharaja.

2) Pet a sacred cow. (I love cows! All cows should be sacred!!!)

3) Join in one of the spontaneous song-and-dance routines I am positive happens everywhere absolutely constantly.

4) Not get Delhi Belly. (oh please, oh please, oh please....)

5) Blend in at an Indian wedding.

Ok, obviously that's just a list of quick stereotypes I threw together. And I think that's what's so great about traveling to new places - debunking stereotypes, or at least the opportunity to learn much more about a place and its people. With one billion of them, not all Indians can love spicy food, wear bright colors all the time, or be late all the time, right? (I hope. Late people make me nervous.)

I wish I had more time on this trip. I feel pulled towards these types of experiences, and want to keep seeking them out.

Thankfully, scratching the surface even just a little bit is a start. It should be just enough time to tick a few things off my bucket list, all while adding many more to it. And to laugh off a few stereotypes.

...But I still want to see a holy cow.