Oh, I'll show YOU delighted!

I have a bone to pick with The Evening Standard.

Specifically, over its use of the word "delighted." As in, "Londoners were left delighted as late snow fell across the capital today.

Were they? WERE THEY???

Today's weather in my mind was nothing short of a sign of the coming apocalypse.

First, it was gorgeously sunny when I woke up and strolled to work with a naïve smile on my face, unaware of the impending doom.

Then, around noon, people suddenly started clustering around office windows, murmuring over something in disbelief. Sheep-like, I rushed for the window too. 

"What are we looking at?" I asked excitedly, craning my neck to see.

"It's snowing!" someone said.

"Shut. Up." I responded (because I'm hip and sometimes I say really hip things.)

It lasted all of 30 seconds. We shuffled back to our desks, with me pointedly checking the calendar to confirm that it is, in fact, LATE APRIL. ('delighted' my FOOT!)

A few minutes later, a bright flash filled the sky. "Hey, was that lightning?" someone asked.

Before I could answer, a loud crack of thunder rumbled, probably the loudest I've heard since moving to London.

And then, by 1pm, bright sunshine again! 

I don't even know what all that was about, but quirky London weather indeed! Now can we please have some warmth? 

Or do I need to go to, say, INDIA tomorrow? 

Because I'm pretty sure that would actually delight me.