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You know how some days are just great and beautiful and full of one Happy Moment after another, and how other days you're just happy that you can come home, shut the door, step into your fluffy animal slippers and watch movie trailers on YouTube by yourself on a Saturday night?

Right now this is one of those days.

And so, I have just watched, in no particular order, the trailers for The Legend of TarzanThe Girl on the Train, Equals, Jason Bourne, The Magnificent Seven, Time Traveller, Demolition, and Bridget Jones' Baby. Plus probably a few others I've already forgotten.

I'm probably not going to see any of those except for Bridget Jones' Baby (oh please don't let it be as bad as that-horrible-third-book-I-refuse-to-even-name-and-will-continue-to-pretend-was-never-written).

This was an absolutely non-productive use of my time. No denying that.

But it's so nice to just be able to lose myself in a little two-minute story sometimes, to clear the head, be entertained, and maybe even crack a smile. Or two.