Paint, drink, and be merry

Last night, five friends and I took a paint class, courtesy of Paint Nite. You might have guessed that the objective is right there in the name: you paint, at night. (Well, early evening. 7-9pm-ish, in our case.)

I'd taken a similar course almost four years ago in San Francisco and loved it. So when I saw Paint Nite had a London presence, I threw it out to a group of friends:

"Anyone interested in taking a paint class?" I asked.

Shrugs and cautious nods ensued, with people seemingly unwilling to commit.

"...there's also drinking," I added.

And then there was much rejoicing!

I'm so pleased everyone had a great time, though. Hard not to! Our instructor was fabulous. She played us 90s music and classic rock hits. She teased us. She made it light and fun and non-intimidating for the definite non-painters (myself included!) in the room. Truly, is there anything more fun than putting your own swirly touches on a canvas with one hand, with a glass of tacky red wine in the other hand, and Sultans of Swing playing in the background?

We went from blank slates to finished masterpieces in two hours, working with only black, white, and red. Amazing what you can accomplish with a little time and imagination.

Roberta's tree had pretty, defined blossoms. Joao's was dripping with black vines. Claudia amazed even herself. Arpan exceeded all of our expectations. And Ralitsa? Damn, girl! That is straight up art!!!  

I'm so pleased I now have something to show off to myself, something that's creative and full of happiness and the memory of a great evening among friends. Look at me: I made a thing!

Life's busy. There are jobs and errands and buses and people and responsibilities and STUFF. Nice to slow down sometimes and just watch the cherry blossoms dance in the wind.