The future you

I've written before about my efforts to write down 10 ideas every day, helped along by the book Become An Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century by Claudia Azula Altucher.

It's a great exercise for the brain, and it also helps me believe in the power of change and growth. Because if you can come up with 10 ideas a day (and if once in a while, one or two of them are any good), then you can always bring about positive change and growth in your life in some form or another.

Today, Day 130 in the 180-day exercise book, had a great prompt: "Write a letter to the 80-year old you. Tell him or her ten things you are doing today to help the future you."

First of all, thanks to the AgingBooth app, this is apparently what I'm going to look like when I'm 80:

Yikes! I better take good care of her.

So here's my letter:

Dear 80-year-old Joëlle: I love you! That's why I am:

1) Meditating every day to be calm and quiet the mind, so that you will be wiser.

2) Running, to keep your heart healthy and to get some fresh air.

3) Traveling, so that you will have seen more of the world and met more of its people. I hope you will stay curious about all of it.

4) Playing word games and puzzles to exercise the brain and keep it engaged.

5) Setting money aside every year, so that you will be financially secure and able to do fun things!

6) Seeing a career coach, so that I can find our FIT, and give you the experiences and engagement professionally that will feed you emotionally and spiritually. Because you deserve it!

7) Reducing possessions, so your life is not overly cluttered, and you have space to live your life and get up and go.

8) Blogging, so that I can practice creativity detail, and put a little bit of me (and you!) out there into the world every day - so that you will be able to remember your Happy Moments.

9) Surrounding myself with friends, so that you can be emotionally fulfilled and make the most of your time with good people.

10) Reducing my snacking, so that I can keep my weight down and be more aware of what's going into my body, thinking of you!

In return, I would appreciate it if you would remember me fondly. I didn't do everything perfectly. I was scared and cautious sometimes. I said and did things you probably wish I hadn't. But I did my best, and I hope that makes you proud. Be Happy. Stay Happy. See you when we're 90.

34-year-old Joëlle

I wonder what life will be like when I'm 80. Will we have flying cars? Brain implants? Will I have found love? Had children? Stayed healthy? Will I have any of the same friends? What will I remember from years past--from 2016?

I think it's a great exercise for anyone to think about: who are YOU going to be when you're 50, 60, 70, 80? What would you want to remember about your own life? What would you want your younger self to have said or done, with you in mind?

I'm trying, 80-year-old Joëlle. I know you're counting on me.

Love (again),