Brunch with Papa

I always love being home in Geneva for so many reasons, and high on that list is getting to spend quality time with family and friends.

And today, a Daddy-Daughter date was in order with my Papa at my absolute favorite brunch place, Ô Calme, a zenlike space that serves up delicious brunch fare with artwork on the walls, shelves full of books, and a sunlit terrasse (even if the sun was mysteriously absent today). It's also got Swiss prices to match - thank you for the brunch, Daddy!

We both ordered the smoked salmon blinis, a sort of Russian pancake, and fresh teas. "Shall I get the 'Awaken,' the 'Listening,' or the 'Protection'?" my Dad wondered aloud. (He finally opted for Protection. I think because you can't be too careful.) The waiter made a friendly joke about it. He laughed. We laughed. Oh, brunch.

I always have great conversations with my Dad, about life and ideas and feelings and STUFF. "I'm going to blog about this," I told him, "so let's take a selfie."

After I took it, he insisted on checking to make sure the photo was good enough "for the public."

Don't worry Papa. You look great.