Sarees and spices, here I come!

I received a very welcome email last night from the good people in the Indian government.

"Application Status: Granted", it said.

"Hurray!", I said.

Let me back up: a few weeks ago, my good friend Ritesh casually mentioned to me that his cousin was getting married in Bombay, and that he'd be traveling home for the wedding.

"Ooooh, how nice! I've always wanted to go to an Indian wedding!" I exclaimed.

"You should come!" he responded.

Oh, sure, I thought. I'll just pack my bags and go from London to India for a couple days, to attend the wedding of someone I've never met! Nothing unusual about that!

And that was that.

And then I thought about it. And thought some more. And looked at the calendar. And realized I've only taken one day off so far this year. And then I looked at plane tickets, and realized they really weren't as expensive as I'd have expected. And then I realized you can now apply for an e-visa to India - just since August 2015 - and there'd be no trip to the embassy or lengthy paperwork required. And then I imagined traveling to a country I've always wanted to see and never have, and my little "Yay, yay, yay!" light lit up inside.

The next thing you know, I was buying a saree blouse off eBay.

I know I'll only be scratching the surface of a country with many marvels and much magic.

But what better time to start?