Bedtime for adults

Lately I've been trying to set myself an official 10pm bedtime, though with limited success. 

(And yes, I know I already blogged about sleep habits yesterday, but Sunday nights do lead one to think about one's slumbering needs!)

Having an official bedtime for adults might sound a bit silly, in the "but I don't WANNA!" vein. After all, who's going to tell me to go bed? Who's going to know if I don't go to bed when I'm supposed to? Who's going to take away my television privileges if i don't cooperate? (Oh wait. I don't even have a television--rather a pointless punishment!)

But really, I'm ok with being a little childlike on this one. And don't worry, it gets worse.

Because I share my bed every night with three snuggly males, all of whom are downright animals in the sack. (Oh, I am so funny. Oh, I just crack myself up. Oh, just you wait and see.)

Their names are Isaac, HaC, and Urs. Isaac is a stuffed lizard; HaC is a stuffed cow; Urs is a stuffed puppy.

(Now you understand how hilarious I am. I'll understand if you want to take a break to compose yourself after all that hysterical laughter. No really, I'll wait.)

They've all been with me for many years, and each has his own story:

Isaac the sand lizard was a gift from my High School boyfriend (who was totally the band captain! I was SO cool), back when I was 16. He's still remarkably velvety, and despite losing an eye a few years back (an unfortunate pillow-related accident), he's one of my oldest friends.

HaC the smiling cow came to me a few years later, when I was visiting my long-term BFF Anna when she lived in London (in a reversal of sorts, she was visiting ME in London just earlier today! How time does pass!). The two of us stopped by the luxury Harrod's department store, feeling very fancy, and Anna bought him for me as a gift. I can't even remember why--was it Christmas? My birthday? All I know is, HaC (short for Harrods Cow) is still smiling all these years later.

Urs the Saint Bernard puppy is a relatively recent addition, from about 2008. Unlike the other two, I bought him myself, on a trip back to my hometown of Geneva. He just reminds me of home, the little rascal.

So you see, I never sleep alone. And I'm very grateful for my three snuggly little friends. Especially on those slightly-depressing Sunday nights.