40+ winks

I've just woken up from a restorative Saturday afternoon nap, and mmmmm, I could go back for more.

I'm not typically much of a napper. I tend to wake up pretty early, and try to get to bed relatively early as well. Sometimes I try to perfect the art of sleeping with my eyes open whilst in a boring situation, but I've never really gotten very good at it. I don't even nap well on airplanes, which perennially frustrates me.

Which is too bad, because according to the Mayo Clinic, napping has a bunch of benefits! Reduced fatigue, improved mood, quicker reaction time, increased productivity, better memory... In other words, more napping for everybody! Companies like Zappo's, Google, and Ben & Jerry's even have nap rooms--Nice to see!

I think the reason I was unusually good at napping today was because my body was just exhausted after a 10-mile (16km) run I took earlier. I pretty much never run that long of a distance: 11km or 12km is a once-or-twice-a-month thing, but 16km is still quite a bit more than that, and I promise you, I felt every step of the way. (Proud, though!)

When I finally got home on my shaky, newborn foal-like legs, I basically fell into a hot bath for 45 minutes, and then stood myself up juuuuuust long enough to make my way into my bedroom and fall yet again, this time into my bed.

That's a Saturday afternoon pretty much gone, but ah well.

Worth it.