I'm on a BOAT!

My company organized a cruise down the Thames river tonight, which I'll admit to being a little apprehensive about joining.

"It's four hours long!" I spluttered. "Where are we sailing--France?!?"

But then, the skies were clear, the sun was shining, the weather was warm. And the sights beckoned. The London Eye. The Shard. The Tower of London. Tower Bridge. The sunset over Canary Wharf. The Greenwich Observatory.

I get to see all that, from the river, for free, and dinner is included?

Yes, please!

Another great contribution was the addition of a guest speaker, Tori Howse from Another World Adventures. Five years ago, she left a comfortable corporate job to go on a transatlantic sailing adventure, spending one month on a boat from Spain to Brazil, despite having no prior sailing experience. She spoke of finding her authentic self on the journey, and how she and another woman she met on the trip, Larissa Clark, founded their own company upon their return to help others pursue their own adventures.

Wow. Wow!!! 

Talk about getting unstuck. Adventures are everywhere. It's an adventure whenever I take a different walk to work, or when I spend one impromptu day in Venice, or even explore a little closer to home.

What are we waiting for to find more of it??

Especially when there are views like this to be seen.