Getting my rave on

I felt very tired after getting home tonight, and I couldn't think of anything worth writing about. Vaguely, I typed "Happy Mondays" into a Google search, thinking I could script something about how it's now one day closer to the weekend, and being grateful for small things.

But imagine my surprise to find out that Happy Mondays is also the name of a BAND! 

A...kind of weird band, from what I can tell. They're from Manchester, they "personify rave culture," and gosh darn it, I just missed their London concert during their 2015 reunion. And those who know me, know there's nothing I love more than a good rave. (Except for...literally everything else, ever.)

The definitive Manchester bad boys! I could have heard all the greatest hits! Everything from "Kinky Afro" to "Grandbag's Funeral" to "Fat Lady Wrestlers"! The band Paul McCartney once said reminded him of the Beatles!

I'm ok with missing their concert, but I do love the fact that I now know they exist. There are little tidbits and trivia and fun facts waiting all over the place for us, and with the touch of a few keys, you can be listening to - and, in the privacy of your own living room, dancing around to - the sounds of 1990. I'm having a solo rave--right here, right now.

Oh, and it is one day closer to the weekend. So there's always that.