And now for some weight loss

This morning I stepped on the bathroom scale and confirmed what I'd been suspecting for a few weeks. Namely, that there is just a little bit more of me to love than there was at the beginning of the year.

It's not a dramatic gain. I don't actually weigh myself very often, but I'm guessing it's 3kg more than January 1st. I'm still slender, and still in the lower half of the "normal" weight range for my height and age. It's likely due mainly to my decreased cardio activity since tearing my hamstring, along with my continued lifelong adoration for snacking. Ohhhh, snacks.

I'm still pretty active. I walk to and from work every day, I'm back to running shorter distances twice a week, and I'm still doing nearly-daily YouTube yoga.

It's those damn snacks that are the problem, the mindless munching away, particularly when I'm at the office. I've been buying different options lately, but the thing is that - as it turns out in Captain Obviousland - eating handfuls upon handfuls of "healthier" options pretty much still adds up.

So now, with an aim to getting back to my target weight, it is time for a REAL change. Time for some action! Time to bring in an APP! I've downloaded MyFitnessPal, which this morning prescribed me a daily calorie goal of 1,270, in order to lose a reasonable 0.5kg per week. That calorie count seems shockingly low, but even more shocking is the shocking amount of calories in some of my regular snacks. Those gluten-free organic Kallo milk chocolate rice cakes have 56 calories each (a problem if you regularly eat four of them in a quarter-hour). And the real kicker? My unhealthy, months-long obsession with Holland & Barrett japanese rice crackers, which I tend to pound back indiscriminately all day long.

So this is a time to shape up and recognize that we can actually do hard things. We can set our own goals, meet our own challenges, and be proud of our own accomplishments. Today is the start of my first-ever official weight-loss journey, and I'm certain I can do it. 

And now that I've put it on the internet, it must be true.