Off to the Emerald Isle

I'm heading to Ireland tonight, and I can't wait to share a hearty plate of potatoes with a drunk, red-headed leprechaun. Holding a shamrock. While playing a harp.

...That's all the stereotypes I can think of.

But never mind, I'll come up with more in the next four days! Yes, it's travel time again, and time to get excited about kicking up my heels and painting the town red! (Or green, as the case may be!)

Work is bringing me there, but first, a fun weekend awaits with some lovely Irish-adopted friends of mine. Having attended an international school, I'm very lucky in that I pretty much have friends all over the world now. Jakarta? Yup. Toronto? Check. Lagos? (Ok, that one's tougher, but I'm pretty sure I do have a classmate or two I could reach out to!)

Time to hop on the Piccadilly tube line, on my way to the Emerald Isle -- I feel like I'm following the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City! I could sing! (But I won't.) But if I did, it would be a shanty, for sure. About wizards and giants and pots of gold guarded by leprechauns at the end of rainbows. If I catch one, I get three wishes, right? A leprechaun is basically an Irish genie? Oooohhhh, I have to think of three exciting things to wish for now.

Because there's no way I'm coming home without capturing a leprechaun. Laddies, be warned.