March-ing on

Can you believe we're already a quarter of the way through 2016? After a little reminiscing on January and February, it's already time to bid goodbye to March. So, what were the moments to remember?

- 91 straight days of blogging (I seriously cannot believe it.)
- 91 straight days of meditation
- I finished one book (Starter For Ten), completed another (How I Changed My Life In A Year), and started rereading another (Choose Yourself).
- I finished one audiobook (La Vérité sur l'Affaire Harry Québert) and completed another (Beside Myself)
- I discovered a new (and hilarious!) podcast, which I am already dreading finishing (My Dad Wrote a Porno)
- I was matched with Jamie Dornan on the 'Which Irish Hottie is Right For You?' St. Patrick's Day quiz (meh).
- I set a weight-loss goal.
- I participated in my first-ever pub quiz, finishing in a strong 5th-out-of-6 place.
- I spent a weekend exploring the island of Ireland, created some lasting memories in Malta, and played tourist closer to home with a day in Greenwich.

Favorite moment of the month: A solo morning hike along the coastline of the island of Gozo, just me and the world.

Quote of the month: 'There is always blue sky, just beyond my thoughts.' (from the Headspace app's Take10 meditation program.)

Fun fact of the month: There are no female leprechauns.

Goal for next month: Read more! I know I mentioned three books a little further up, but I've been terribly inconsistent across March, and I know I can do better in April. 10 pages a day, every day - that's my objective.

 Further into 2016 now, and lots of shifting and thinking going on. Still aiming for this to be the best year of my life.

April: bring it on.