"Good" days and "bad"

This morning, I had what might under certain circumstances be described as an UNhappy moment when I walked back into the office after a fantastic four-day weekend in Malta. Coming back from vacation is never fun, as we all know...the dreaded pile of emails waiting for you, the rain outside when just yesterday you were sunning yourself on a peaceful beach, the desire to smother yourself in pastries when facing a conference call that ughhhhhhhhh.

But hey, I always knew it was going to be hard.

So I tried to plan ahead. By coming up with a couple moments of gratitude I'd be able to hang on to. Little moments of solace on a tough day.

Moment 1: I took a quick coffee break with a friend/co-worker so we could catch up about our respective long weekends and do a bit of brainstorming together.

Moment 2: I took a yoga class at lunchtime. Which felt absolutely terrific. Namaste.

Moment 3: Fine. I ate an entire packet of Maltesers. A large one. 

Moment 4: I booked a coaching session for April, which simultaneously gives me a lot of homework coming up and something to reallyreallyreally look forward to in terms of life progress.

And, you know, maybe some days that's all we can do. Find the gratitude in the little things. In the things that go wrong. In the "bad" things. Because if we can find gratitude even on days like that, maybe we can start attracting more "good" things our way.

And in the meantime, Maltesers are on sale at Sainsbury's.