Developing good car-ma

You know those moments where you’re suddenly and somewhat irrationally proud of yourself for doing something that isn’t actually that impressive? That happened to me last night.

Specifically, I drove on the left side of the road. And, much like a carpenter assembling a dining set, I nailed it!

We had just spent an absolutely fabulous day on the island of Gozo, 30 minutes by ferry from the main island of Malta. Having missed the previous ship and with ours getting delayed, we didn’t even leave Gozo until close to 11pm. It had been a long day of adventure, and Ritesh – our designated driver for the entire trip – looked at me, exhausted, and pressed the car keys into my hand.

Me: *gulp*

I have driven on the left before. A few times in my life, though never for very long, never at night, and never with four other people’s lives in my hands. Nor, I should mention, in any place that has as many roundabouts and one-way streets as Malta does. Ohhhhh, the roundabouts. It’s like the Maltese are obsessed with circles or something.

Still, with a few deep breaths, and once I actually figured out how to turn the car on, we made our way down the island, and I felt much more comfortable than I would have ever expected. Sometimes things just aren’t as hard as you think they will be!

I mean, I did have to ask Linda to parallel park the car once we actually arrived.

Perhaps that’ll be an accomplishment for next time.

But for now, let me just savor the moment.