Valletta, you beautiful thing

What a gorgeous first day in Malta!

My friend Ritesh and I arrived around noon (after a 7am Ryanair flight, because we're hipster travelers like that), picked up our rental car, and headed to Valletta, the capital of this beautiful little island country to meet our other friends Linda, Wanda, and Judy, who'd arrived a day earlier.

The city is straight up Game of Thrones. I don't think they actually film any part of the series in Valletta itself (though they do all over Malta), but the feel is absolutely there. Forts and little cobblestone alleyways and keeps and lush greenery overlooking a crystal-blue Mediterranean Sea. Just gorgeous.

We wandered around all afternoon, stopping for jump shots and endless selfies, learning historical tidbits (it's only been an independent country since 1964! It was the most heavily-bombed country in World War II!) and just generally being wowed. Cheap food, cheap wine, sunshine, lovely views...what more could you ask for on your first day of a long weekend?

There is so much more to write, but I'm being pulled away for more adventures. More to come! Memories and moments.